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Stress Less (1 Month Supply)


Introducing Stress Less from One A Day, an innovative supplement to help you take a more natural approach towards a less stressful lifestyle.*

We get it. Work shifts can be long. Pressure can be high. But we believe conquering any day is possible. Stress Less works with your body’s natural stress responses, using a combination of ingredients that work together over time to help take the edge off when you are dealing with everyday life stresses.*

Just as sleep supplements for adults have melatonin, Stress Less features the stress-relieving plant power of Ashwagandha.* We also include valerian and passionflower extracts which contribute to the plant powered stress support.* Our easy-to-use product is the perfect addition to your daily routine, as you tackle the challenges of everyday life.

Take just one capsule a day to help support your body’s natural response to stress on your journey towards a happier, healthier lifestyle.* Trust in a product from One A Day supported by science and backed by three separate ingredient clinical trials on Ashwagandha.

Features & Benefits
  • Occasional stress support: Stressful week at work? Feeling like you're burning from both ends of the candle? Stress Less uses Plant-powered ingredients to support relief from the occasional stresses of everyday life, as you focus on what matters to you.*
  • Activate relief with ashwagandha: Like our sleep support supplement has melatonin, we include this powerful Ashwagandha root as our dietary ingredient because of its scientifically backed ability to help defend against occasional stresses of daily life.*
  • A specialized combination of stress support: Valerian and passionflower together with Ashwagandha help provide soothing support for your nervous system and shake off the stress.*
  • Taking one a day: Stress support is simple. Add Stress Less one capsule per day as you begin your journey towards a more relaxing lifestyle.*
  • Supported by science: Our formula contains ashwagandha shown in three clinical trials demonstrating effectiveness in the face of everyday life stresses.*

Q: Is Stress Less made with natural ingredients?

A: Stress Less is made with natural Ashwaganda extract,
Passionflower and Valerian.

Q: How often do I take Stress Less?

A: Adults take 1 capsule daily.

Q: When should I take it?

A: One A Day® Stress Less may be taken to help defend against the occasional stresses of daily life with soothing support for your nervous system.*

Q: Is this product vegan or vegetarian? 

A: One A Day® Stress Less is vegan and vegetarian.